Office Hazard Awareness

Introducing a NEW special program designed to assist managers, workers and JHSC members working in an office environment. This training will give your staff the tools they need to create and maintain a safer more efficient workplace increasing the overall productivity and thereby the morale of the workforce.

We have designed 4 modules to specifically address the needs of any office environment. Are all modules mandatory? We would like to think so, however feel free to pick and choose. (the 'Salad Bar' approach)

Module 1 The 3 R's of Safety Law

The 3 R's include the:

  • Role of each of the workplace parties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act ;
  • Responsibility of each party to the Ministry of Labour's Internal Responsibility System; and
  • Right of every worker in Ontario:
    • To Participate,
    • To Refuse Unsafe Work, and
    • To Know.

Module 2 Understanding Safety in the Office

Focusing on the hazard identification and workplace inspection requirements of the OHSA as it applies to:

  • Housekeeping;
  • Your Workstation (office ergonomics);
  • Safety Around the Office (Indentify, Assess and Control of Hazards); and
  • Manual Lifting.

Module 3 Incident/Injury Investigation

Step by step procedures for the investigation of any incident or injury at the workplace, in order to meet all MOL and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board reporting requirements, including:

  • First Aid requirements;
  • Injury Investigation;
  • WSIB form 7 requirements; and
  • Early and Safe Return to Work.

Module 4 Emergency Planning and Evacuation

Keeping workers and the facility safe and secure by planning for;

  • Emergency Response;
  • Office security; and
  • Aggression Response.

Each module comprises a 4-hour interactive workshop conducted by a facilitator, using both DVD and PowerPoint media and includes a handout as well as documents and forms easily modified to suit your firm's particular needs.

The material contained in these programs meets the legal compliance for training required for managers, workers, JHSC members or Health and Safety Representatives as either orientation training or as a refresher for those who have previously been exposed to similar safety materials.

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