Aerial Work Platform Training


Safety is everyone’s job! & It’s the Law! This program has been designed to help operators of lifting devices;

  • Reduce the risk of injury to people
  • Reduce damage to equipment, materials & the environment
  • Reduce downtime in your process by
  • Recognizing the hazards in your workplace

We use the PEMEP Model for Hazard Recognition:
    People · Equipment · Materials · Environment · Process


The content of this training program complies with the competency requirements of the OHSA and the CSA B354.2-01 and B354.4-02.


Maximum of 24 participants in a 4 hour session.

  • Competency requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Regulations for lifting devices and mobile equipment
  • Personal protective equipment including fall arrest system (FAS), head protection, etc.
  • Pre - shift inspection
  • Analyzing the task and workplace inspection
  • Precautions for other moving equipment (i.e. cranes, lift trucks, etc.)
  • Platform stabilization
  • Work area protection
  • Elevation and overhead hazards
  • Standard safe operating practices
  • Controls and basic operation
  • Participants are tested for their theoretical knowledge

Unique training & evaluating procedures using a multi-media presentation.


Maximum of 8 participants in a 4 hour session.

Training and Evaluation includes:

  • Preoperational inspection; donning the Fall Arrest/Restraint System; start-up; traveling positioning and elevating the platform; use of extensions and other optional equipment; parking of the equipment.

Successful drivers are certified as being "competent" to drive specific Types of Aerial Work Platforms based on current CSA Standards.

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