Crane Operator Training


Safety is everyone’s job! & It’s the Law! This program has been designed to help operators of lifting devices;

  • Reduce the risk of injury to people
  • Reduce damage to equipment, materials & the environment
  • Reduce downtime in your process by
  • Recognizing the hazards in your workplace

We use the PEMEP Model for Hazard Recognition:
    People · Equipment · Materials · Environment · Process


The content of this training program complies with the competency requirements of the OHSA and the CSA B167-08 for Overhead Travelling Cranes – design, inspections, testing, maintenance and safe operation as well as ISO 9926-1 Cranes – Training of Drivers.


Maximum of 24 participants in a 4-hour session.

  • Legislation and competency requirements under the OHSA
  • Company policies and procedures
  • Types of industrial cranes
  • Pre-Use/Shift inspection
  • Load limits and capacity
  • Safe distances
  • Lifting, moving, placing loads
  • Standard safe practices
  • Controls and basic operation
  • Use of chains, slings, spreader bars, grabbers, and other attachments

Unique training & evaluation procedures using a multi-media presentation.


Maximum of 6 participants in a 4-hour session.

Training and Evaluation includes:

  • Preoperational inspection; review of; weight, balance, centre of gravity; sling selection; connection (attachments) to load; load and bridge travel; load swing control; spotter’s role and disconnect switch location
  • Lifting a load, moving a load, setting a load down and parking the crane

Successful operators are certified as being "competent" to operate specific Industrial Cranes.

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